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Storke (Charles A. II) Collection

 Unprocessed Material
Identifier: 1959-047

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Collection of many books, maps, periodicals, photographs, scrapbooks, clippings, pamphlets, and objects.

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Gift of Charles A. Storke II

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  • Publication: 1892 - 1903



1 Volumes


---COLLECTIONS--- 1. Black suit trimmed with grey velvet. Trousers, vest and jacket, 3 white cotton shirts . $125 2. Rust colored suit trimmed with gold braid. Green pants. Vest. $150 (Note: The rust and green suit was copied from a portrait owned by donor's grandmother 3. Black Mexican high crown hat, made in Mexico. Tardan 4. Brown Cal. rancher type hat 5. Grey vaquero hat 6. Black broadcloth cape lined with red velvet and cream plush. Metal fasteners. $150 7. Pen & Ink Drawing, framed. Dated June 18, 1899 Santa Cruz Island 8. 5 Pen & Ink drawings, few dated: June, 1891, Note: "Chris Jorgeuseu?" 9. Pen & Ink drawing of Carrillo Adobe, by C.A. Hoffman, 1920, framed ---LIBRARY--- California & Territories of New Mexico & Utah." Johnson & Ward Palou's "New California". 4 vols. Ed by Herbert E. Bolton "Johndover". Margaret Cameron "Golden Trek" David Lavender "Gated of Memory" Grace L. Davidson. 1955 "A Country Judge in Arcady" Cameron Rogers. 1954 (Deaccessioned 6/13/1989 MR) "Occurrences in Hispanic California" Angustias de la Guerra Ord. Translated & edited by Francis Price & Wm. Ellison "Coarse Gold" Edwin Corle. No. 140 (1942-1952) "Treasures of Mission Santa Ines" Kurt Baer. 1954 "The Last of the Conquistadors" first edition. Omer Englebert 1954 "John A. Hooper" Aubrey Drury 1952 "Knowledge Is Not Enough" Samuel B. Gould 1959 "Men to Match My Mountains" Irving Stone 1956 "The Bonanza Trail". Muriel S. Wolle. 1953 "Journalism in California" John P. Young. 1915 "The Newhall Ranch" Ruth Waldo Newhall 1958 "Land of Giants" (1750-1950) David Lavender 1956-58 "Alma Y Perfil de Santa Barbara" Andres R. Ramon. 1956 "Genealogy of Descendents of Moses Stork" Complied by C.A. Storke "San Francisco Bay" John H. Kemble, 1957 Small photographic album, some pictures taken out Small photographic album, Santa Barbara Scenes Folder, contains early photo of S.B. Mission, and one of wood vender Earthquake copies of S.B. Daily News and S.B. Morning Press, 30 June, 1925 "Bird's Eye View of Santa Barbara" Reproduction by Glover, 1877 "Santa Barbara" reproduction of drawing by H.M.T. Powell "The Early Days of Santa Barbara" Walter Hawley, 1920 "Santa Barbara Tierra Adorada" 1930 "Views of Los Angeles & Vicinity", small album hardcover book, "Rezanov", 1906 Gertrude Atherton Book "A reporter for Lincoln", story of Henry E. wing "Constitution of California, 1911" 3rd Ed. "Constitution of California, 1917 "Constitution of California and State and U.S. document, State Senate, 1945 "How we Govern" Fredric P. Woellner. 1920 Text book for Cal. Voters "Treatise on Agriculture & Dairy Husbandry" J. Jackson "An Elementary Treatise on Logic" W.D. Wilson, D.D. 1868 Branciforte An Early Ghost Town" Leslie Byrd Simpson, 1935 "Fabricas" Collection of Pictures & Statements" Div. of Mines, San Francisco (DEACCESSIONED 6/14/1989 MR) "Panorama, History of Southern California. In Pictures" Title Ins. CO. 1953 (DEACCESSIONED 6/14/1989 MR) "Crofutt's Trans-Continental Tourist, from Atlantic to Pacific, 1874" "Mission Santa Ines", Fr. Zephyrin Engelhardt, O.F.M. 1932 (DEACCESSIONED 6/14/1989 MR) "The Penance of Magdalena & Other Tales of California Missions" J.S. Chase 1915 "Photographic Record of S.B. Earthquake", Hoffman's Studio, (bound) "Roughing It". Mark Twain, 1886 "Anybody's Gold", Joseph Henry Jackson, 1941 "My Seventy Years in California" J.A. Graves 1927 (DEACCESSIONED 6/14/1989 MR) "Two Years before the Mast" Random House, 1936 (DEACCESSIONED 6/14/1989 MR) "Californios" Joe Mora 1949 "Bonanza Railroads" Gilbert H. Kneis, 1941 "Gaudy Century" John Bruce (San Francisco's Journalism) 1948 "Men of California" 1900 to 1902 photographs "California Gold Rush Presence, R.L.S." Annr R. Issler, 1949 "Happier for His Presence, R.L.S." Annr R. Issler, 1949 "San Francisco is Your Home" Samuel Dickson 1947 "Argonauts of 1769", Fred W. Atkinson, 100 years in Pajare Valley, 1936 "Two Years in California", Mary Cone. 1876, with map (DEACCESSIONED 6/14/1989 MR) "Dons of the Old Pueblo", Percival J. Cooney, 1914 "From Wilderness to Empire", Robert Glass Cleland. 1944 "John Sutter", Marguerite Eyer Wilbur 1949 (DEACCESSIONED 6/15/1989 MR) "It's an Old California Custom", Lee Shippey. 1948, second printing "Sutter's Gold", by Blaise Cendrars, translated by Henry L. Stuart, 1st ed. 1926 (DEACCESSIONED 6/14/1989 MR) "Old California Houses, Portraits & Stories", Marion R. Parsons, 1926 "Down and the Dons", Tirey L. Ford (Monterey) Sketches by Jo. Mora 1952 "David S. Terry of California" A. Russell Buchanan 1956 "Mother Lode Album, Othete Weston, 1948 "Junipero Serra, Padre Pioneer", Gouverneur Morrison, 1934 "The Statues of Junipero Serra & Thom. Star King", U.S. Senate, 1932 "Junipero Serra, The Man & His Work" A.H. Fitch, 1914 "California Historical Society Quarterlies" Vol. VIII June Sept. Dec. 1929. (Also includes 1951-55) "Sanborn Fire Insurance Map, Santa Barbara, Nov. 1892", Corrected 1903 2 Scrap books of newspapers clippings, July 21, 1877. Others not dated Large scrapbook of old Santa Barbara photographs Album of early Santa Barbara photographs U.S. Senate Report of Explorations & Surveys for R.R. Vol. XI, 1861 (Badly Damaged) I Vol. (in Greek?) Excudebat Henricus Stephanus, 1593 5 Vols. The Iliad of Homer, 1718 gift of the above from Katherine Hastings and stamped with S.B. Historical Society seal 7 Vols. Of Bancroft's History of California "Essays & Miscellany" Hubert Howe Bancroft "Annals of the Conquest of California." H.H. Bancroft "Engelhardt's Missions & Missionaries of California. Vols. 1-2-3-4 with Index (DEACCESSIONED 6/14/1989 MR) "75 years in California". 1931-1906. William Heath Davis. (DEACCESSIONED 6/14/1989 MR) "History of Santa Barbara & Ventura counties". Thompson & West, 1883. (DEACCESSIONED 6/14/1989 MR) "California & the West" Charis & Edward Weston. 1940, 1st ed. "Gold Rush" Vols. 1 - 2 (Journals & Drawings of J.G. Bruff, 1944 "California's Missions". Hildegards Hawthorne "Health and Pleasure Resorts of Pacifica Coast". Newton H. Chittenden, 1884 "Mission Dolores" delux edition, 1928 "A Pastoral Prince" History of J.W. Cooper by Frank Sands. 1893 (DEACCESSIONED 6/14/1989 MR) "Leyes de California", 1860 "Life in California" A. Robinson, 1846. First Edition "Constitution of State and California" State Printing Office, 1915 "Memories of My Life" John Charles Fremont. Vol I 1887 "Santa Barbara County, Calif. Vol. 2 Michael J. Phillips. 1927 "Builders of a Great City". San Fran. Representative Men". Vol I. - 1891 2 Vols. Of "History of Biography of Southern California." J.M. Guinn 1902 for both Land in California W.W. Robinson 1948 "Adobe Days" Sarah Bixby-Smith 1925 "Story of Kit Carson's life from facts narrated by himself," 1873? "Calif. Journal of Mines & Geology" 1952. Div. of Mines, San Francisco "Santa Barbara and Around There". Edwards Roberts, 1886 "Historical Sketch of Los Angeles County" Judges Warner, Hayes, Widney reprint of 1936 "Libros Californianos" Phil Townsend Hanna 1932 "Handbook for Californiacs" (Key to Pronunciation) Gertrude Mott, 1926 "Stories of Old New Spain". Thomas A. Janvier 1898 Presentation copy "California, the Centennial of Gold Rush and 1st. State Constitution" Library of Congress Exhibit, 1949 Pamphlet. "California Memories" Jackson A Graves (Autographed) 1930 "History of Bench & Bar of Southern California" Rodman Hunsaker, 1909 "Biographical Sketches of Delegates to California Convention" 1878 "History of Political Conversations, Calif. 1849-1892" Winfield Davis. 1893 "California Vigilantes" Edward McGowan 1946 "Santa Barbara City Directory, 1888" Paper copy map enclosed "Watering Places & Health Resorts of Pacific California" S.B. 1881 paper copy "Catalogue of Art Loan Exhibit of S.B." Feb. 8th 1881 paper copy "California Local History" Bibliography, Compiled by Cal. Library Ass. 1950 "Indian Life of the Missions" Edith B. Webb 1952 "Cornelius Cole, Calif. Pioneer U.S. Senator" Catherine Coffin Phillips 1929 "What I Saw in California, 1846-1847" Calafia Series. Edwin Bryant 1936 "For the Good of the Country" Hattie Stone Benefield (200) 1951 "The Place Called Sespe" Robert G. Cleland. Privately Printed, 1940 (DEACCESSIONED 6/13/1989 MR) "Santa Barbara Adobes" Clarence Cullimore, 1st Ed. 1948 (DEACCESSIONED 6/13/1989 MR) "Santa Barbara & Montecito" John R. Southworth 1920 "The Channel Islands" Charles F. Holder 1910 "County of Santa Barbara, Cal. S.B. Illustrated" in case. No date "Life & Adventure of Don Agustin Janssens" Francis Price 1953. Ed. By Dr. Wm. Ellison "Santa Ines Hermosa" Mamie Goulet Abbott 1951 (DEACCESSIONED 6/15/1989 MR) "Partie de la Nouvle Californie" No. 46 "Partie de la Nouvle Californie" No. 52 "Partie de la Nouvle Californie" No. 53 "Partie de la Nouvle Californie" No. 58 "Partie de la Nouvle Californie" No. 63 "Maris Pacifici. 1589 Regni Mexicani Novae Hispania "California" Colton's map (inset of San Francisco Streets). No. 52 "California" County map. (inset of San Francisco Bay) No. 51 "California" another period Colton map. (inset of San Fran.) No. 54 "California & Territories of Oregon, Washington, Utah and New Mexico" No. 37 "California & Nevada, South Portion. Asher and Adams no. 96 "California & Territories of New Mexico and Utah" Johnson & Ward. No. 55A "California" Insets of San Bernardino and San Diego Counties. No.55B "California, Utah, Nevada, Colorado, New Mexico and Arizona" Johnson's No. 67 "County Map of the State of California" Large inset San Fran. No. 56 "Map of North America, showing Political Division." No. 4 "North America, Great South Sea, Atlantic Ocean." (Salmon) 1766 small U.S. Coast Survey, Western Coast, Sketch - J - A.D. Bache, Superintendent (small) U.S. Coast Survey, Point Conception, -J- No. 3 (small) 2 Copies of "Santa Barbara as a Summer Resort" 1895 "Resources of Santa Barbara County" Report of Chamber of C. 1901 (paper) "The Open Door of Santa Barbara" Arthur E. Woodman, 1949, autographed "The Riviera" William R. Staats, manager, S.B. & Riviera Ass. "Santa Barbara" John Steven McGroarty. 1925 "Historic Adobes of S.B. Counties" John R. Southworth. I larger than other "California From Legendary Island to Statehood". Exhibit at Huntington Library, 1933 "City & County of Santa Barbara" C.M. Gidney, Sec. chamber of Commerce 1902 "Santa Barbara Mission, Its History" Pub. By Colin McIsaac, 1917 "New Santa Barbara" Supplement S.B. Better Homes. Plans & Planting 1926 "Santa Barbara, Gem City of the Western Sea" 1906 or 1907 "Santa Barbara" Edited by Leila Weeks Wilson. 1913 Guide Book "Santa Barbara Guide to Rides & Drives" with map. E.M. Heath. 1904 "La Parra Grande, A Legend of S.B. Grape Vine" Amelia W. Truesdell, 1900 "First Report of Santa Barbara Museum of Art" 1940 Assorted photographs filed in envelopes Panorama photograph of Santa Barbara II Photographs of presidents of the Santa Barbara Fiestas Photographic copy of document "Libro de Bautisimos"