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Spaulding (Edward S.) Stewart Edward White Book Collection

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Identifier: 1966-148

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Thirty-four (34) titles by author Stewart Edward White

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Gift of Mr. Edward S. Spaulding

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  • Publication: 1907



34 Volumes


1. THE GRAY DAWN- Stewart Edward White 2. Old CALIFORNIA IN PICTURE AND STORY- Stewart Edward White 3. THE CABIN- Stewart Edward White 4. THE SIGN AT SIX- Stewart Edward White 5. THE LAND AT FOOTPRINTS- Stewart Edward White 6. THE STARS ARE STILL THERE 7. THE ROSE DAWN- Stewart E. White 8. ADVENTURES OF BOBBY ORDE- Stewart E. White 9. WILD GEESE CALLING- Stewart E. White 10. CONJUROR'S HOUSE- Stewart E. White 11. SIMBA- Stewart E White 12. THE LONG RIFLE- Stewart E. White 13. HUDSON'S'S BAY COMPANY, by Robert E. Pinkerton, intro. by Stewart Edward White 14. THE CLAIM JUMPERS- Stewart E. White 15. THE FOREST- Stewart E. White 16. THE RIVERMAN- Stewart E. White 17. THE LEOPARD WOMAN- Stewart E. White 18. GOLD- Stewart E. White 19. BLAZED TRAIL STORIES- Stewart E. White 20. THE RULES OF THE GAME- Stewart E. White 21. The BLAZED TRAIL- Stewart E. White 22. THE MYSTERY- Stewart E. White 23. THE WESTERNERS- Stewart E. White 24. THE BETTY BOOK- Stewart E. White 25. FOLDED HILLS- Stewart E. White 26. SKOOKUM CHUCK- Stewart E. White 27. ON TIPTOE - Stewart Edward White 28. THE SILENT PLACES - Stewart Edward White 29. CAMP AND TRAIL - Stewart Edward White 30. THE FORTY-NINERS - Stewart Edward White 31. THE JOB OF LIVING - Stewart Edward White 32. ARIZONA NIGHTS - Stewart Edward White 33. THE MAGIC FOREST - Stewart Edward White 34. THE GLORY HOLE- Stewart Edward White