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Coiner and Pierce Family Collection

 Unprocessed Material
Identifier: 1973-059

Content Description

Coiner and Pierce Family Collection contains material culture objects from the family of Daniel Coiner, Dr. Horace F. Pierce's grandfather and of Horace F. Pierce.

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Gift of Mrs. Kirke W. Connor

Restrictions Apply



  • 1878 - 1965



25 Item(s)


1. Deacc. 7/2017 [1. Carboy - Container for carrying water (glass). Used by Mrs. Daniel Coiner, grandmother of Dr. Horace Pierce, and her nine daughters when they came West by way of the Isthmus. Daniel Coiner had come ahead across the continent with his sons in 1858 2. Family photograph of Daniel Coiner and his sons and daughters. One of the daughters was the mother of Dr. Horace F. Pierce. Artist unknown Dr. Horace Pierce's Family Photograph, n.d. 11 1/2" x 15 1/2"; Unframed Gift of Mrs. Kirk W. Connor, 1973 Vault Packet 13, #C 3. Cream colored silk shawl with deep tied fringe 4. Man's black beaver tip hat (Chas. J. Collins, San Francisco) 5. Man's black beaver top hat (Fisher & Co., San Francisco) 6. Pantaloons, white cotton, emb. & lace, circa 1900-1910 7. White cotton half slip, emb. & lace, circa 1900-1910 8. Various awards and certificates to Horace F. Pierce, M.D., some framed and some not 9. Holy Bible with name of C.A.M. Pierce written in front, published in 1878 10. Old photograph album. Photos unidentified, except for one, "E. & W. Hayward 11. Some framed and some unframed photos, unidentified 12. A number of identified photos of members of the Pierce Family 13. Nine old fans 14. Genealogy - copy of Benedict Pedigree of Mrs. Edith P. Head. (Polly Benedict married Wheeler Pearce) 15. Box containing numerous film negatives 16. Box containing numerous old recipes and a school notebook 17. Two brown leather cases for prescription blanks and one brown leather case for memo pad, pencil and a place for phone numbers. All had belonged to Horace F. Pierce, M.D 18. Box containing addresses, business cards, etc., and some genealogical notes 19. Framed photo of the Lee Rail of the "Shirley" off Santa Cruz. Built in 1922. Verse on the back by J. Walter Collinge, Sr. 20. California Avocado Society 1965 Yearbook with a page "In Memorian" to Dr. Horace F. Pierce and with his picture 21. Newspaper - "County Bank Times", commemorating its 80th Anniversary 1875-1955. This was part of Santa Barbara News-Press of Sunday, October 30, 1955 22. Folder containing letters and other genealogical material 23. (a-d) Four large colored prints, each of two young women in lovely gowns, late 1800's - Madrid 24. Reprint of Painting by Abbott Graves - "Old Country Post Office." 25. A few miscellaneous items. Appraisal - $150