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Dibblee (Virginia) collection of 34 items

 Unprocessed Material
Identifier: 1984-004

Content Description

Thirty-four (34) items from Virginia Dibblee include both historical materials and three-dimensional objects

Acquisition Type



Gift of Mrs. Virginia Dibblee

Restrictions Apply



1. Blue Chinese silk evening wrap with extensive embroidery and with fur at neck, circa 1940. Belonged to Ynez Dibblee. $100.00 2. Wave Officer's uniform (U.S. Navy), navy blue skirt, jacket and hood, two white blouses, and one blue and white hat, circa 1943. Belonged to Virginia Dibblee. Also one balc $100.00 HV 3. Lady's straw hat with extensive pink net trim, rosebud in front, circa 1930. Belonged to mother of Teresa Wagstaff. $20.00 4. Guitar purchased in New York, circa 1868, at the time of the marriage of Francisca De la Guerra to Thomas Bloodgood Dibblee. Also a separate tortoise shell piece that belongs to guitar. $1800.00 5. Gold color Chinese silk skirt with black bands and light and dark blue embroidery. $100.00 6. Small, black felt hat with band of pheasant feathers in front and on sides. $20.00 7. Black felt pillbox hat. $10.00 8. Pocket prayer book given to Virginia Dibblee of her First Communion, circa 1921. $10.00 HV 9. Francisca De la Guerra Dibblee's "Nuevo Devocionario" in Spanish, circa 1885, also her First Communion Memento, St. Vincent's School. Santa Barbara. 5 May, 1861. $25.00 HV 10. Book of Common Prayer, circa 1907. HV 11. The Holy Bible with Alfred P. Redington's name on front page, also Paris, June 23, 1865. $25.00 HV 12. Metallic beaded bag, made by Fanny Ingle, grandmother of Robert Ingle Hoyt. $60.00 13. Two white aprons, one with bib. $30.00 14. Pair of hand colored photographs of scenes in Spain. Gold colored matching wooden frames 15. Book- The Rosary by Robert Cameron Rogers, autographed by author to Francis T Underhill, August 23rd, 1906. $45.00 HV 16. Book- The Blue Book of the Hampshire Breed. Had belonged to Francis T Underhill. $15.00 HV 17. Gourd approximately 38" long. HV 18. Booklet of "The Laguna Blanca School", A School for Boys. (in poor condition) HV 19. Year Books, La Honda, of Laguna Blanca for 1937, 1939, 1940, 1943, and 1958. $50.00 HV 20. Year Book, La Cumbre, of Santa Barbara State College for 1943. $10.00 21. Twenty-nine miscellaneous books. $100.00 22. Child's lustre tea set. $100.00 23. Child's white with blue floral pattern china tea set. $100.00 24. Box of child's building blocks. $25.00 25. Piece of white net with deep band of metallic and pearl trim at bottom of what probably had been an overlay on a skirt. $25.00 26. Piece of black lace, approximately 52" long and 13 1/2" wide (mantilla) Brought from Spain by Anita Orena Dibblee. $35.00 27. Lady's dark red velvet evening wrap (cape) with hood and multi-colored floral embroidery, fringe, lavender silk lining. $100.00 28. Piece of white silk with deep band of white embroidery. $25.00 29. Large white tablecloth with crochet squares and white embroidery (Pina Cloth). $100.00 30. Small, black net and straw hat with band of black beads and green leaves, bow and streamers of black velvet (Damozel). $10.00 31. Small black straw hat with white feathers and veil (J.J. Haggarty). $25.00 32. Small black felt hat, lavender plumes with a touch of gray (I. Magnin). $15.00 33. Ten back issues of Life Magazine. $20.00 34. One issue each of Look Magazine and the Saturday Evening Post, published at the time of John Kennedy's death. $5.00