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Bard (Richard) Book Collection

 Unprocessed Material
Identifier: 1986-189

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Fourteen (14) books and ten (10) booklets, mostly on Santa Barbara by Santa Barbara authors.

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Gift of Richard Bard

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24 Volumes


1. Book - "Wild Oats and Chaparral", by Edward S. Spaulding. Illustrations by George Browne and Egmont Rett $50 2. Copy of original manuscript of "Wild Oats and Chaparral", Vol. Two. Dedicated to Edward R. Spaulding $250 3. Book - "Venison" and a breath of Sage", by Edward Selden Spaulding $5 4. Book - "The Quails", by Edward Spaulding $100 5. Book - "Camping in Our Mountains", by Edward S. Spaulding $20 6. Book - "Santa Barbara Club", a History, 1954, by Edward S. Spaulding $75 7. Book - "Random Observations of an Idle Mind", by Edward S. Spaulding $35 8. Book - "Deer", by Edward S. Spaulding $150 9. Book - "A Brief Story of Santa Barbara", by Edward S. Spaulding $25 10. Book - "Santa Barbara 1898-1925", by Edward S. Spaulding $50 11. Book - "Common Birds of Santa Barbara", by Edward S. Spaulding $50 12. Book - "The History of the Comstock Lode", 1850-1920, by Grant H. Smith $40 13. Book - "First and Last Consul, A Selection of Letters", edited by John A. Hagwood $20 14. Book - "Hacienda Memories and Caravans of Thought", by Ines de la Guerra Dibblee $10 15. Ten booklets of Neighborhood Series, by Walker A. Tompkins $20