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Brown (Mrs. Arthur) Collection

 Unprocessed Material
Identifier: 1988-035

Content Description

Forty-four (44) photographs, three (3) postcards, and six (6) pieces of ephemera from the Brown (Mrs. Arthur) collection

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Gift of Mrs. Arthur Brown

Restrictions Apply




44 Photographic Prints

3 Postcards

6 Item(s)


1. 10x12 1/2 Tennis Group 2. 5x4 Arlington Hotel Annex w/buggy 3. 5x8 1/2 Orena house, upper Eastside, Santa Barbara 4. 5x8 1/2 Rea photo of Zaca Lake (?) 5. 4x5 Reed photo of unident. building 6. 4x5 Reed photo of Santa Barbara Lighthouse 2 holes on lt. side 7. 7x5 portrait of Lockwood de Forest Jr. 8. 3x6 Santa Barbara Mission w/ grape arbor in foreground 9. 4x3 Santa Barbara Mission w/ fountain in foreground 10. 4/5 1/2 Horsemen, probably during Floral Festival, 1890's 11. 6 1/2x4 Judd photo of Santa Barbara Mission arcade 12. 6x3 Santa Barbara Mission gardens heavy foxing 13. 4x5 Santa Inez Mission 14. 5x6 Davis Bros. photo of group of unident. children 15. 4x5 Reed photo of Gaviota Pass Bridge 16. 4x5 Reed photo of Santa Barbara Backcountry (?) 17. 4x5 Reed photo of Panoramic view of Santa Barbara backcountry (?) 18. 4x5 Reed photo of Grazing cattle 19. 3x4 Santa Barbara Mission from Riviera 20. 3x4 Ruined wall of Santa Barbara Mission waterworks 21. 3x4 Santa Barbara Mission outworks surmounted by cross 22. 3x4 Santa Barbara Mission filter house 23. 5x4 "Bear at Juneau" 24. 4x5 "On board USS Pinta Sitka" 2 holes on left 25. 4x5 "An Indian's home, Pyramid Harbor" 2 holes on left 26. Postcard Santa Barbara Mission and St. Anthony's Seminary 27. Postcard County National Bank 28. Postcard County National Bank Interior 29. Postcard "Door, Free Public Library, Santa Barbara, California." 30. 5x7 Students in courtyard of Santa Barbara Normal School 31. 5x7 Front of Santa Barbara Normal School 32. 5x7 Trees in quad of Santa Barbara Normal School 33. 2, 4x4 Reed photos of Nojogui Falls 34. 5 1/2x4 "Sailors' Sycamore (200 years Old) Santa Barbara, California" 35. 4 1/2x5 Two unident. women on horseback in front of Castle Rock 36. 5 1/2x6 1/2 "Painted Cave Santa Cruz Island July 30, 1897." 37. Program for Dance of the Flowers April 29, 1908 38. Manuel of the Eastern Star Brown hard cover 1868 39. Statement of Condition for County National Bank October 10, 1927 40. Pamphlet, "The Buildings and Churches of the Mission of Santa Barbara" by Rev. J.J. O'Keefe, O.S.F. 1886 41. Program for 53rd Commencement at UC Berkeley May 17, 1916 42. Program for American Ambulance benefit at Potter Theater May 13, 1917