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Bonilla Family Collection

 Unprocessed Material — Multiple Containers
Identifier: 1993-120

Content Description

Transition of five hundred three (503) loaned items from Bonilla family (attached 27 pages) to gift status. Exceptions: Noted watercolor images by Russell Ruiz returned to donor.

Acquisition Type



Gift of Bonilla Family Trust

Restrictions Apply




.1 One photographed album, "My Farm" containing approx. 150 photographs of the Santa Barbara region, ca.1890-1960. .2 One set of fireplace (in T-W Adobe) tools. Black painted iron stand, brush, shovel, and poker. .3 One woven banner reading "Sterling Drug Co.". Tan with dark red lettering and border. Tan fringe on bottom edge. .4 One metal weathervane (roof of carriage house), with eagle holding sphere. Arrow at bottom of sphere. .5 One brown leather suitcase with brown and white striped fabric lining and travel stickers on exterior. .6 One (basement) sign with Chinese lettering. Black painted wood with red letters. Sign is broken in two pieces length-wise. .7 One coffee set of pale green and tan china. Pattern is a branch with purple flowers. Set consists of one coffee pot with lid, six cups, and five saucers. And a sugar bowl with lid. .8 One bottle of "Veronica Water", with liquid intact. .9 One oriental design bowl with lid. Bowl is diamond-shaped, with square handles at 2 corners. Orange and Yellow Background with floral pattern. Lid is broken and missing pieces. .10 One metal cannister of "Japan Green Tea", tea intact. .11 Deaccessioned. .12 One package "Dytint" fabric tint. .13 One calendar from Willowbrook Diary for 1938. Small framed picture of a baby with calendar hanging from bottom edge. Diary address in upper right corner of picture. .14 One brass matchbox holder with dragon engraved on each side. Wooden matchbox and matches intact. .15 One glass Pyrex baby bottle with dark brown rubber nipple. .16 One large bar of soap wrapped in paper. "New York Soap Company Laundry Soap". .17 One cruet set with metal base and five bottles. Two bottles have glass stoppers and three have silver lids. .18 One miniature El Camino Real bell on stand. Dates on bell: 1769-1906. .19 One small display box for "Iodent" toothpaste. .20 One small square green cannister of "Diehl's Ceylon and India Tea", tea intact. .21 One small can of Pepsodent tooth powder. .22 One small ceramic model of an El Camino Real bell, date on bell is 1797. .23 One small model of mission bell form San Miguel Mission. .24 One bell with handle on top and small markings on exterior. .25 One small metal lamp shaped as an elephant with a lantern on its back. Lantern cover has glass panes. Lamp is electric. .26 One ashtray with three elephants as the base. Bowl has three removable inserts. .27 One small mission bell model from Santa Barbara Mission, dated 1786. .28 One pair small black binoculars, "Biascope" model. .29 One small scale on wooden base, with three weights included (1/2 oz., 1 oz., and 2 oz.). .30 One incense burner. Base is a stork standing on a turtle's back. Stork holds a snake in its mouth, which hold lanterns on chains at either end. Small lanterns have small animal on each lid. .31a-.z, .aa-.zz, .aaa. One wooden tool chest with approx. 53 miscellaneous tools. .32a. One man's Fiesta suit of black polyester fabric. Yellow braid on lapels, hem, and sleeves. Darker yellow braid medallions on jacket and pants also. White shirt with black-edged ruffles down front and on cuffs. .32b. Black felt hat with small braid. .33-.85 53 Santa Barbara City Directories as follows: 1903-04, 1905, 1915-15, 1917-18, 1918-19, 1920, 1921, 1922, 1923, 1924, 1926(1925), 1926, 1926-27, 1927, 1928, 1926-30, 1931, 1932, 1933, 1934, 1935, 1937, 1939, 1940, 1941, 1942, 1944, 1945, 1946, 1948, 1951, 1953, 1956, 1957, 1958, 1959, 1960, 1961, 1964, 1967, 1968, 1969, 1970, 1971, 1972(2c.), 1973, 1974, 1975, 1977, 1978(2c.), 1979. .86, .87 Two Northern Santa Barbara Co. directories: 1945-46, 1947-48. (both hc) .88, .89 Two San Luis Obispo Co. Directories: 1939, 1946-47. (both hc) Books .90 sc Robert G. Cowan, A BACKWARD GLANCE LOS ANGELES, 1901-1915. 1969. .91 sc W.H. Findley, THE RODEO AND TALES OF PIONEER LIFE IN CALIFORNIA. 1973. .92 hc Shirley Sargent, GALEN CLARK YOSEMITE GUARDIAN. 1964. (signed by author) .93 hc Keith and David Gledhill, THE GLEDHILLS PORTRAITS. 1988. .94 hc Harold G. Davidson, THE LOST WORKS OF EDWARD BOREIN. 1978. (signed by author) .95 hc Edith Parker Hinckley, ON THE BANKS OF THE ZANJI: THE STORY OF REDLANDS. 1951 .96 hc Charles F. Lummis, THE AWAKENING OF A NATION: MEXICO OF TODAY. 1898. .97 hc Daniel E. Krieger, SAN LUIS OBISPO COUNTY: LOOKING BACKWARD INTO THE MIDDLE KINGDOM. 1988. (signed by author) .98 hc William B. Everett and Gary B. Coombs, MULE CAR AND TROLLY. 1984. (signed by authors) .99 hc Jarrell C. Jackman, SANTA BARBARA HISTORICAL THEMES AND IMAGES. 1988. .100 sc Harold Miossi, THE SAN LUIS OBISPO COUNTY COURTHOUSE. 1971. .101 hc William B. Rice, THE LOS ANGELES STAR, 1851-1864. 1947. .102. sc Robert F. Heizer, ELIZABETHAN CALIFORNIA. 1974. .103 hc. Gouverneur Morrison, ed.. BELLS "THEIR HISTORY AND ROMANCE. 1932. .104 hc San Diego Corral of the Westerners, BRAND BOOK #2 . 1970. .105 hc San Diego Corral of the Westerners, BRAND BOOK #7. 1983. .106 hc San Diego Corral of the Westerners, BRAND BOOK #8. 1987. .107 hc James W. Steele, NEW GUIDE TO THE PACIFIC COAST SANTA FE ROUTE. 1891. .108 sc Harrison Dibble, THE HOURS THAT COUNT AND THOUGHTS IN RHYME. 1930. .109 hc Carlyle Davis and William Alderson, THE TRUE STORY OF RAMONA. 1914. .110 hc Nora Archibald Smith, KATE DOUGLAS WIGGIN AS HER SISTER KNEW HER. 1925. .111 hc Victoria Thiem, THE THIEM FAMILY. n.d. .112 hc First Methodist Episcopal Church of Santa Barbara, PHILATHEA COOK BOOK. 1928. .113 hc Paul Nathan and Lesley Byrd Simpson, THE LETTERS OF JOSE SENAN, O.F.M. 1962. .114 hc Arthur Dunning Spearman, THE FIVE FRANCISCAN CHURCHES OF MISSION SANTA CLARA. 1963. (signed by author) .115 hc THE SANTA BARBARA JUNIOR LEAGUE COOKBOOK. 1939 .116 hc Bertha Haffner-Ginger, CALIFORNIA MEXICAN-SPANISH COOK BOOK. n.d. .117 hc THE CALIFORNIAN, VOLUME 1. 1971. .118 hc James D. Horan, THE GREAT AMERICAN WEST. 1961. .119 hc Yda Addis Storke, A EMEORIAL AND BIOGRAPHICAL HISTORY OF THE COUNTIES OF SANTA BARBARA, SAN LUIS OBISPO, AND VENTURA, CALIFORNIA. 1891. .120 sc Elizabeth Hughes, THE CALIFORNIA OF THE PADRES... 1875. .121 hc Fred Hageman and Russel Ewing, AN ARCHEOLOGICAL AND RESTORATION STUDY OF MISSION LA PURISIMA CONCEPCION. 1980. .122 hc Charles Lummis, THE SPANISH PIONEERS. 1918. .123 hc Wallace Elliott, HISTORY OF SAN BERNARDINO AND SAN DIEGO COUNTIES. 1883. (1965 REPRODUCTION) .124 hc Elliott and Moore, HISTORY IF MONTEREY COUNTY. 1881 (1979 reproduction) .125 hc James Culleton, INDIANS AND PIONEERS OF OLD MONTEREY. 1950. .126 hc Chris N. Jespersen, ed., HISTORY OF SAN LUIS OBISPO COUNTY. 1939. .127 sc May Benedict Maye, BLUE SKY. 1935 .128 sc A.R. Rojas, LAST OF THE VAQUEROS. 1960. .129 hc Francis J. Weber, CALIFORNIA'S RELUCTANT PRELATE, THE LIFE AND TIMES OF RIGHT REVEREND THADDEUA AMAT, C.M. 1964. .130 sc Bess A. Cleveland, CALIFORNIA MISSION RECIPIES. 1965. .131 hc Sean Galvin, ed., A DESCRIPTION OF THE KINGDOM OF NEW SPAIN BY PEDRO ALONSO O'COULEY 1774. 1972. .132 hc Editors, Sunset Books, THE CALIFORNIA MISSIONS: A PICTORIAL HISTORY. 1964. .133 hc W. Michael Mathes, VIZCAINO AND SPANISH EXPANSION IN THE PACIFIC OCEAN, 1580-1630. 1968. .134 hc American Guide Series. NEW MEXICO, 2nd ed. 1945. .135 hc James Madison Cutts, THE CONQUEST OF CALIFORNIA AND NEW MEXICO... 1965 REPEINT .136 hc Edna Deu Pree Nelson, THE CALIFORNIA DONS. 1962. .137 hc Oakah L. Jones, Jr., LOS PAISANOS: SPANISH SETTLERS ON THE NORTHERN FRONTIER OF NEW SPAIN. 1979. .138 hc C. H. Harim, THE SPANISH EMPIRE IN AMERICA. 1963 ed. .139 hc Grace S. Dawson, CALIFORNIA THE STORY OF OUR SOUTHWEST CORNER. 1942. .140 hc Marion Randall Parsons, OLD CALIFORNIA HOUSES PORTRAITS AND STORIES. 1952. .141 hc H.H. Bancroft, A POPULAR HISTORY OF THE MEXICAN PEOPLE. 1887. .142 hc Irmagarde Richards, OUR CALIFORNIA HOME. 1930. .143 sc ABORIGINAL CALIFORNIA: THREE STUDIES IN CULTURE HISTORY. 1966. .144 hc Charles Hice, THE LAST HOURS OF THE FOUR-STACKERS. 1967. .145 sc Marianne Lester, SAN MIGUEL ISLAND AND OTHER POEMS. 1970. .146 sc BOTICA GENERAL DE LOS REMEDIOS ESPERIMENTADOS SONOMA, 1838. 1954. .147 sc FACINATING SAN FRANCISCO. 1924. .148 sc THE CHAPTER IN YOUR LIFE ENTITLED SAN FRANCISCO. 1946. .149 sc STORIED SAN FRANCISCO. 1945. .150 sc WAYSIDE NOTES ON THE SUNSET ROUTE EASTWARD FROM SAN FRANCISCO. 1902. .151. sc SOUTHERN CALIFORNIA AT A GLANCE. 1930 ed. .152 hc Gary B. Coombs, GOLETA DEPOT. 1982. #93 OF 250 first ed. copies. .153. hc David J. Webber, ed., NEW SPAIN'S FAR NORTHERN FRONTIER. 1979. .154 hc Theodore E. Treutlein, SAN FRANCISCO BAY DISCOVERY AND COLONIZATION, 1769-1776. 1968. .155 hc Charles Alboro Barker, ed., MEMOIRS OF ELISHA OSCAR CROSBY. 1945. .156 hc Augusta Fink, MONTEREY COUNTY: THE DRAMATIC STORY OF ITS PAST. 1972. .157 hc Kibbey M. Horne, A HISTORY OF THE PRESIDIO OF MONTEREY 1770 TO 1970. 1970 .158 sc F.W. Hodge, INDIAN NOTES AND MONOGRAPHS. 1921. .159 sc Thorne Hall, ODESSEY OF THE CALIFORNIA ISLANDS. 1962. .160 hc Grace S. Thille, DAY BEFORE YESTERDAY. 1952. .161 sc William A. Myers, HISTORIC CIVIL ENGINEERING LANDMARKS OF SAN FRANCISCO AND NORTHERN CALIFORNIA. 1977. .162 hc Harry Kelsey, JUAN RODRIGUES CABRILLO. 1986. .163 hc Don McDonagh, MARTHA GRAHAM A BIOGRAPHY. 1973. (signed by author) .164 sc Justin Ruhge, GOLETA PUEBLO DE LAS ISLAS. 1984 (signed by author) .165 hc Henry F. Dobyns, ed., HEPAH CALIFORNIA: THE JOURNAL OF CAVE JOHNSON COUTS. 196 .166 sc Richard Denison and Murray Teichman, THE FIRST 100 YEARS IN VENTURA. 1966. .167 sc W.H. Hutchinson, CALIFORNIA HERITAGE: A HISTORY OF THE NORTHERN CALIFORNIA LUMBERING. n.d. .168 sc Bill Talbitzer, LOST BENEATH THE FEATHER. 1963. .169 sc SOUTHERN CALIFORNIA. 1903 .170 sc City of San Buenaventura, THE VENTURA STORY. 1966. .171 sc Barney Brantingham, BARNEY'S SANTA BARBARA. 1990. (signed by author) .172 hc Gordon Forbes, TOO NEAR THE SUN. 1955. .173 sc Charles R. Maduell, Jr. THE ROMANCE OF SPANISH SURNAMES. 1967. .174 hc George R. Ryskamp, TRACING YOUR HISPANIC HERITAGE. 1984. .175 hc Alan P. Bowman, comp. INDEX TO THE 1850 CENSUS OF THE STATE OF CALIF. 1972 .176 hc C. Alan Hutchinson, FRONTIER SETTLEMENT IN MEXICAN CALIFORNIA. 1969. .177 hc Walker A. Thompkins, DX BRINGS DANGER. 1962. (signed by author) .178 hc H. Brett Melendy and Benjamin F. Gilbert, THE GOVERNORS OF CALIF. 1965. .179 hc Joseph Seewrker, NUESTRO PUEBLO: LOS ANGELES, CITY OF ROMANCE. 1940. .180 hc Paul Elder, comp., CALIFORNIA THE BEAUTIFUL. 1911. .181 hc Annie L. Morrison and John Haydon, HIST. OF SAN LUIS OBISPO COUNTY AND ENVIRONS. 1917. .182 hc George B. Abdill, RAILS WEST. 1960. .183 hc Howard R. Driggs, THE OLD WEST SPEAKS. 1956. .184 hc Ruth Teiser, ed., THIS SUDDEN EMPIRE CALIFORNIA. 1950. .185 hc Herb Anree and Noel Young, SANTA BARBARA ARCHITECTURE. 1975. (1st ed.) .186-.188 Three Santa Barbara State College Yearbooks, LA CUMBRE, 1924, 1930, 1932. .189 St. Francis School of Nursing Yearbook, THE ANTIDOTE. 1931. .190-.193 Four programs for Santa Barbara Horse and Flower Show, 1971, 1976, 1977, 1981. .194 Holiday Magazine, June 1961. .195 Home Magazine, Los Angeles Times, 6/13/1965. .196 Pictorial California and the Pacific Magazine, Summer Number 1955. .197 Booklet, SAN SIMEON: A BREIF HISTORY by Frank and Gertrude Lamb. 1971. .198 Booklet, LOS ANGELES ILLUSTRATED. 1982. .199 Catalogue, Dos Pueblos Orchid Company. c1960. .200 West Magazine pub. by Los Angeles Times, 1/17/1971. (Isla Vista) .201-.202 Two day books belonging to Frank Flournoy. .203-.204 Two Santa Barbara "ABC" Directories, 1937-38, 1939-1940. .205 Booklet, SOUVENIR OF SAN FRANCISCO PHOTO-GRAVURES. n.d. .206 Santa Barbara Times Magazine, 3/1980. .207 Typescript, FAMILY BONILLA 1806-1982. .208-.214 Seven issues of the Annual Publication of the Historical Society of Southern California. 1896, 1899, 1902, 1906, 1912-13, 1914, 1931. .215 Report, Santa Barbara County Coastal Trails System, 1973. (proposed) .216 Scrapbook, "Kimberly Album #20" w/ business cards, letterheads 1890-1930. .217 Minute book of the Odd Fellows Public Library, 1874-1876. .218 Expanding folder w/ notes, arccles, copies of newspaper accts of sinking of the Yankee Blade. .219 Booklet, Henry Evans, BOHEMIAN SAN FRANCISCO. 1955. .220 Pamphlet, CACHUMA LAKE, n.d. .221-.225 Typescripts five volumes, JUAN BAUTISTA ALVARADO'S HISTORY OF CALIFORNIA. .226 Booklet, S.F. Cook, EXPEDITIONS TO THE INTERIOR OF CALIFORNIA CENTRAL VALLEY 1820-4 .227 Photocopy of Morning Press Special Edition, 11.1877. .228 Index to Microfilm at the Gledhill Library .229 Booklet, Title Insurance and Trust Company, BICENTENNIAL OF SAN LUIS OBISPO DE TOLOSA, 1772-1972. .230 Booklet, Ruth Underhill, INDIANS OF SOUTHERN CALIFORNIA. 1941. .231 Bound collection of "The Wheel" newsletter of Goleta Rotary Club, 1936-1949. .232 Program, 1st Annual Santa Barbara Horse Show, 5/2-3/1919. .233 Official Catalogue of the Santa Barbara Kennel Club's Dog Show, 10/7,8,9/1920. .234 Report, Mary Louise Days, HISTORIES OF INDIVIDUAL PARKS CITY OF SANTA BARBARA, 1977. (signed by author) .235-.242 Eight issues of LA VISTA, publication of San Luis Obispo County Historical Society, 1/1970; 6/1970; 1/1971; 6/1971; 1/1972; 6/1973; 1/1974; 1/1975. .243-.244 Two issues of TODAY YESTERDAY, AND TOMORROW, publication of South County Historical Society, 1977-78 and 1978-79 reports. .245-.246 Two issues of THE ANTIDOTE, yearbook of the St. Francis Nursing School, 1929, 1930. .247-.249 Three issues of LA CUMBRE, yearbook of the Santa Barbara State College, 1933, 1950,5. .250 Bundle of documents Lugo-Garcia 1874-1904. (deeds, mortgages, 1860 letter.) .251 Menu, Mom's Italian Village. c1975? .252 Catalogue and Price List, The Padre's Botanical Gardens. c1920? .253 Business card, Green Gables Restaurant. .254 Brochures for Montecito School for Girls and for Montecito Camp for Girls, 1950s. .255 Newsletter, Westmont College, 4/5/1968. .256 Brochure, Miramar Hotel, n.d. .257 Program, Dedication Service of Church of Religious Science, 11/12/1967 .258 Pamphlet, E.C. Overman, SANTA BARBARA. 1911. .259 Bound volume of CALIFORNIA HISTORY NUGGET Vol 1 #1(1/1924) - Vol 7 #5(2/1940) .260 Booklet, CHANNEL ISLANDS. U. S. Park Service 1963. .261 Santa Barbara State Teachers College Directory, 1934-35. .262 Booklet, VIEWS AND LEGENDS OF M0NTEREY AND SURROUNDINGS. 1907. .263 Booklet, BEULAH-LAND: CITY AND COUNTY OF SANTA BARBARA. 1902? .264 Brochure, Santa Barbara School, 1932-33. .265 Booklet, SANTA BARBARA CALIFORNIA. 1900? .266 Booklet, 22 BOOKS FOR CALIFORNIA'S 200TH ANNIVERSARY. 1969. .267 Magazine, THE GEM, pub. by Prynce Hopkins. 9-10/1913. .268 Magazine, DAWN, Prynce Hopkins, ed., 8/1914. .269 Booklet, Mario A. Nunez, OLD SPANISH SAYINGS.1959. .270 Booklet, LOS ANGELES THE QUEEN CITY OF THE ANGELS. N.D. .271 Booklet, IN AND ABOUT LOS ANGELES. 1904. .272 Folder w/ handwritten copies of Mission San Gabriel marriage records. .273 Booklet of Santa Barbara photographic scenes, printed. 1895? .274 Scrapbook or clippings re. Santa Barbara De Molay Mothers' Circle. .275 One Hollinger storage box of material re. Santa Barbara Fire Dept. (includes training manuals, notes on local fires, etc.) .276 Color poster of aerial view of Santa Barbara. Haagen Printing 1975. .277 Map of Santa Barbara and vicinity/Map of Pacific Northwest. 1923. .278 MAp or rural delivery route for Post Office, Santa Barbara. ozlid. 1920? .279 Santa Barbara News-Press, Chamber of Commerce Centennial Edition. 10/22/19 .280 Identification wheel of enemy warplanes. 1942. .281 Program for benefit performance of "Kirmess" Santa Barbara Neighborhood House, 1911. .282 Map, "Trails and Campsites Around Santa Barbara News-Press, 1962. .283 Photocopy of map of Fifth Ward, Santa Barbara. n.d. .284 Map, "Shipwrecks and Maritime Mysteries-Santa Barbara Channel." 1986. .285 Map, "Metsker's Map of Kern County California." 1930s? .286 Reprint, "A New Map of Texas, Oregon and California, 1845." .287 Poster, B/w photo of aerial view of Santa Barbara pub. by Parks Reality. 197 .288 Map of UC Santa Barbara campus. 1970? .289-.309 Twenty-one issues of The Goleta Valley Times, 7/23/1953. .310 One issue of THE GOLETA VALLEY TIMES, 7/23/1953. .311 Map showing location of water mains and fire companies in Santa Barbara, 5/1937. (torn) .312 Chart of Point Dume to Purisima Point. 1979 .313 Draft Report, "The Haley/Milpas Commercial Revitalization Study.: 11/1980. .314 Reproduction of Map of Laguna Blanca Heights in Hope Rance. 1960s? .315 Ozlid copy of map showing sewer line on State St., 1883. shows property owners. .316 Blueprint map of area surrounding intersection of La Cumbre Road and Modoc Road. 1931 .317 Photocopy of the 1892 Sanborn Fire Insurance map of Santa Barbara. 33 sheets .318 Reverse photocopy of 1892 Sanborn map of Santa Barbara. 33 sheets. .319 Book, hc., DAVIS COMMERCIAL ENCYCLOPEDIA OF THE PACIFIC SOUTHWEST. 1914. .320 Photocopy of 1853 map of "City Land Claim of Santa Barbara. drawn by Wackenreuder. shows area from city to Carpinteria. .321 Poster, Santa Cruz Island Preserve Nature Conservancy. n.d. .322 Poster, Mission Santa Barbara Bicentennial. 1986. .323 Pamphlet, Valle Verde retirement home showing site plan and room layouts. .324 One Hollinger storage box containing photocopies of records re. the Bonilla and Garcia families. includes photocopies of 19th century letters, baptismal, marriage, death records. also genealogical charts, newspaper clippings, journal articles. .325 Photo album "No. 1" contains approximately 100 b/w photos (about 1/3 are copy prints) of early autos, auto races, Santa Barbara scenes. inclusive dates 1890s-1970s. also includes approx. 25 handcolored postcards of Santa Barbara area, 1900-1920s. .326 Photo album "No.24" containing approx. 170 color postcards of the Santa Barbara area. c.1910-1960s. also includes approx. 15 color postcards of areas in California. 1950s-60s. .267 Photo album containing 9 b/w photos of Home Telephone Company operators on picnic in Oak Park, ca. 1890s. .328 Photo album, "My Scrapbook," containing 72 copy prints of 19th century and early 20th century fire fighting engines and equipment. given to Ike Bonilla by Walter Douglas, 1960. .329 Photo album, "No. 53," containing approx, 130 b/w and color images of SB Presidio reconstruction, Lummis' house, "El Alisal", Bonilla family photos and photos of Bonilla home, 1960s-1980s. also includes approx. 15 postcards of Santa Barbara area and other Southern California sites. .330 Photo album, "No.49," containing approx. 260 photos of Santa Barbara and Montecito homes and estates, California missions, 1925 Santa Barbara earthquake, 1906 San Francisco earthquake, shipwrecks. photos inclusive dates, ca. 1880s to 1920s. .331 Scrapbook "No. 44," on history of Santa Barbara Fire Dept., 1930s. contains approx. 95 b/w photos of dept. activities, fires, etc. .332 Photo album, "39," of 1939 demonstration of fire-fighting techniques on by the Santa Barbara Fire dept. includes some 60 photos. also includes approx.50 photos of fires including Coyote fire of 1964. .333 Photo album, "40," includes approx. 90 photos of the Santa Barbara Fire Dept, ca. 1920s-1930s. (photos to be removed for conservation.) .334 Photo album, "No.41," includes approx. 150 photos of the Santa Barbara Fire Dept, ca. 1920s-1940s. .335 Photo Album, "No.25," contains approx. 230 postcards of Santa Barbara area views, residences, buildings, schools, hotels, ca.1900-1915. also includes some 20 copy prints of buildings dating from 1900-1915. .336 Photo album, "#42," containing approx. 60 photos of the Santa Barbara Fire Dept., ca.1930s. (photos to be removed for conservation.) .337 Photo album, "#43," some 55 photos of the Santa Barbara Fire Dept., ca 1880s-1920s. includes photos of the fire at the Potter Hotel, 1921. also contains some 40 color photos of the 1964 Coyote fire and the 1977 Sycamore Cyn. fire. (photos to be removed for conservation.) .338 Photo album, “No.4,” includes 11 copy prints of 1914 flood, 11 original prints of 1914 flood, approx. 50 photos of construction of breakwater at Santa Barbara harbor, late 1920s, approx. 20 photos of Santa Barbara area coastline, 1930s, approx. 15 photos of aftermath of 1939 storm, Sandyland. .339 Photo album, “No.2,” containing approx. 140 copy prints of Santa Barbara in the late 1880s. also includes some 50 photos of early 20th century Santa Barbara including 1914 flood. .340 Photo album, “No.31,.” contains approx. 45 color postcards of the Santa Barbara area 1930s-1970s. also contains approx. 30 color photos of Fiesta and Bonilla family pictures, n.d. .341 Photo album, “No.52,” contains approx. 100 copy prints of Santa Barbara scenes, ca.1880s-1920s including Old Mission, State Street, waterfront area, aviation, Tajiguas adobe. Also contains approx. 35 postcards and photos of Santa Barbara scenes, 1890s-1915. .342 Photo album (empty) of red velvet w/ heart shaped mirror in center of cover. Metalwork around heart and at two corners. .343 Photo album, “#15,” contains approx. 70 photos of Santa Barbara area including State Street, waterfront, panoramic views, Old Mission, Commercial buildings and residences, 1880s-1920. .344 Photo album, “#21 Canet Album,” contains approx. 300 photos of Santa Barbara and Ventura, 1870s-1910. .345 Photo album, “Water,” approx. 200 photos of Santa Barbara area reservoirs, construction at Lake Cachuma, bridge construction, life and career of Frank Flournoy, surveyor ca. 1920s-1950s. .346 Photo album, “#47,” contains approx. 50 photos of Santa Barbara Fire Dept., 1902-1980. .347 Photo album, “Santa Barbara Fiesta,” contains approx. 200 color photos of 1984 Fiesta. .348 Photo album, “#22,” contains approx. 250 photos and postcards of Santa Barbara, Ventura, San Luis Obispo, San Francisco and other Calif. scenes. ca. 1880s-1970s. .349-.362 Fourteen color postcards of Fiesta, 1950s-1960s. .363-.365 Three color postcards of Santa Barbara panoramic views. .366-.368 Three color postcards of Santa Barbara Mission. .369 Color postcard of Moreton Bay Fig Tree. .370 Color postcard of aerial view of Montecito School for Girls. .371 Color postcard of Channel Drive. .372 Postcard of advertisement for Andersen’s Restaurant, Buellton. .373-.374 Two color postcards of Goleta depot. .375 Color postcard of Gaviota area. .376 Color postcard of Cold Spring Tavern. .377 Color postcard of Hunt’s China shop. .378 Color postcard of Street in Spain, El Paseo. Color postcards, cont.: .379 Restaurante del Paseo. .380 Presidio Gardens. .381 Santa Barbara Botanic Garden. .382 Santa Barbara Municipal Airport. .383-.384 Two copies of water color of Cold Spring Tavern. .385 Stearns Wharf showing Harbor Restaurant. .386 Travel Lodge on Castillo St. .387 Santa Barbara Public Library. .388 Santa Barbara City Hall. .389 Restaurante del Paseo. .390 Sate St. and De La guerra St. intersection. .391 Pacific Park Motel, W. Cabrillo Blvd. .392 Santa Barbara News-Press building. .393 cloister of Casa de la Guerra. .394 La Casa del Mar Hotel, W. Cabrillo Blvd. .395 Interior, Harry's Plaza Cafe. .396 Entrance to Santa Barbara Museum of Natural History. .397 pool of Encina Lodge, Bath St. .398 interiors of the Harbor restaurant. .399 Moro Park at Moro Bay. .400 (A-L) 12 images of carmel Mission. .401-.405 5 images of Mission San Gabriel. .406-.407 2 images of Mission San Antonio. .408 Mission San Luis Rey. .409 Fisherman's Wharf, Monterey. .410 Town of Morro Bay w/ Morro Rock in background. .411-.414 Four handcolored cards of Los Angeles scenes. .415 Soledad Mission. .416 B/w image of entrance to Mission Inn, Riverside, ca.1915. .417 Courtyard of Mission Inn, Riverside. .418-.420 Three images of Ramona's marriage place near San Diego. .421 Scrapbook "#50" containing approx. 70 photos of Flying A Studios, ca. 1912-1920. also contains approx. 30 photos of Fiesta in the 1920s and in the 1980s. also contains approx. 25 color postcards of Calif. scenes, 1960s-1970s. Misc. photographs as follows: .422 Gaviota Pass...c.1890...5 1/2" x 8 1/2" .423 View of Santa Barbara from the Mesa...1901...6" x 8 1/2" .424 -.425 2 photos of Ike & Joy Bonilla in fiesta costumes...5' x 7" .426 Ike Bonilla with his dog 5" x 61/2" .427 Charles Henry Tenney...So. Pacific R.R. station (S.B.) (baggage room)c. 1900 8" x 10" .428 Superior bakery...c. 1900...8" x 10" .429 Harry Hight with 2 carriage...c. 1900...8" x 10" .430 Spanish Dancing group...Odd Fellows Convention, Oct. 1907...Oak Park (6 1/2" x 9 1/2" .431 Geraldine Blackburn & Dyna Clerbois...c. 1920...6" x 3" .432 Community Arts Orchestra, Recreation Center...Summer, 1921...7" x 11"... .433 American Film Co...aerial view...c. 1912... 10 1/2" x 13" .434 Minnie Tenney Hight...c. 1900...3 1/2" x 5 1/2" .435 Old Timers at hosted by Dr. Parks, 1921...6" x 13" .436 View of S.B. Harbor...1908...looking east from Dibblee Hill...6" x 34" .437 Flying A western on studio backlot. 5x7 ca. 1915. .438 Flying a company at State and Islay. 6x20 1912. (copy print). .439 Group of school children in front of adobe, ca 1895. 9x20. .440 Photo montage of C.K.G. Billings and his trotter, Uhlan. 1926. 22x15 copy print. .441 Booklet, history of Ogilvy, Gilbert, Norris, and Hill Insurance Agency. 100th anniv. 1988. .442 1897 Santa Barbara City Directory. .443 Photocopy of advertising brochure for Naples, CA. .444 USGS report, "Water Problems of Santa Barbara, California" by J.B. Lippincott 1905. .445 Pamphlet, "Santa Barbara A to Z." 1960. .446 Program for Ladies' Night at Elk's Hall, 1901. in tooled leather pouch. .447 Menu for El Paseo Restaurant, 1967? .448 "The Mission Play Souvenir Book." 1928. .449 "cold Spring Tavern Calendar, 1988. .450 Menu for Harbor Restaurant, n.d. .451 Booklet, "Memories of the Mesa." pub. by Santa Barbara Bank and Trust, 1987. .452 Pencil sketch of Santa Barbara Co. Courthouse by Morine. 1936. 12x9. .453 Poster, "You Can Help Build Santa Barbara's Historical Museum. 13x11 c. 1964. .454 Photocopy of typescript, "Alta California, Estados Unidos Mexicanos - A Cultural Interprestive History and Geography" by Rodolfo Larios. 2 vols. 1983. .455 Ring binder w/ Mar. 1979 and Sept. 1979 issues of "The Sparks Quarterly." also includes typescript of "Chronological Study of Issac J. Sparks with Biography." by Betty J. Cain, 1978. .456 Typescript, "The Little Spanish Gentleman: The Life and Times of Angel Antonio Ruiz" by Russel Clay Ruiz. 1976. .457 "Geologic Map of the Santa Barbara Quadrangle" by Thomas W. Dibblee, Jr. 1986. .458 "Typescript, "Juan Bautista de Anza Expedition" by Margarita Villa. 1976. .459 Booklet, "California Historical Landmarks, State Dept. of Parks and Recreation." 1968. .460 LA CUMBREAN 1978 yearbook of La Cumbre Junior High. .461-.477 Seventeen yearbooks for the Santa Barbara Co. 15th District, Calif. Congress of Parents and Teachers. inclusive dates 1948-1966. .478-.483 Six calendars for Santa Barbara Co. 15th District of the Calif. Congress of Parents and Teachers. inclusive dates 1941-1948. .484-.486 Three copies of By-Laws of the 15th District of the Calif. Congress of Parents and Teachers, 1956 and 1962. .487 Directory for Santa Barbara State Teachers College, 1933-34. .488 Racket of information re. history of McKinley School. .489 Packet of information re. installation of officers for 15th District of Calif. Congress of Parents and Teachers. .490 Keepsake of the Friends of the Santa Barbara Archive-Library, 1981. "Painting in the California Missions" by Norman Neuerburg. .491 Packet of information re. family of Peter E. Gutierrez. .492 Binder containing issues of Santa Barbara newspapers. includes 2 issues of "El Barbareno", 1896. 2 issues of "Santa Barbara Herald", 1907. also article from "Demorest's Family Magazine" apr. 1894 on Santa Barbara Floral Festival. .493 Portion of Annual Report of New York State Agricultural Society re. California State Fiar. 1857. .494 Program for Santa Barbara Flower Ball, 1894. .495 Program for Santa Barbara Flower Ball, 1895. .496 Pamphlet for 1894 Santa Barbara Flower Festival. .497-.499 Three paper profit-sharing coupons from Wm. Wrigley Jr. Co. Orange colored paper, each one good for five coupons, each numbered: AOT 326966, ANZ 800509, AOR 346110. .500 Oil on board. 12" X 9". "Yankee Blade Wrecked Pt. Arguello, 1854." by Russel Ruiz. .501 One copper racing trophy from the Memphis Trotting Association. Won by C.K. Billings, Oct. 25, 1902. .502 Calling card stand. Nautical theme. Brass. Anchor and helm. Marked "VISITES". .503 one small green metal sign with white lettering: "Fencing by Ott's since 1875 727 State St. Santa Barbara. One wooden cigar-lid: "Santa Barbara Home. Product made by Wn. Schoen & Co." 3 for 20 (cent sign)