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Coiner, McCullough, Hoover, Pierce Family Collection

 Unprocessed Material
Identifier: 1982-035

Content Description

Coiner, McCullough, Hoover, Pierce Family Collection contains material culture objects from the lives of Isobel Anderson Coiner; Edith Pierce Head McCullough (Mrs. Frank McCullough?), Dr. Horace F. Pierce's older sister; Mrs. Alfred M. Pierce; Sterling Hoover Pierce, son of Dr. and Mrs. Horace F. Pierce; along with a genealogy books, ephemera, and photographs.

Acquisition Type



Gift of Mrs. Kirke W. Connor

Restrictions Apply



  • 1890 - 1959


45 Item(s)


1. Guitar and case. Guitar had belonged to donor's father, E. B. Hoover. $50 2. Long piece of brown and tan striped fabric with black design. Fabric is 14 ½ wide 3. Lady's, long, blue burlap skirt with red and multi-colored border around bottom of skirt 4. a,b,c several multi-colored sashes 5. Man's trousers, full with cuff at each ankle (grey) 6. Purple, burlap type fabric jacket, pink fancy rick rack on front, multi-colored braid, numerous white buttons as decoration. $5 7. a-d Four pieces of needlepoint- green background, floral design in center, each different from the other. $10 8. Black poncho, decorative white border and white bird and white and grey flower design, white fringe. $5 9. Two carrying bags with connecting straps, presumably to be worn over shoulders, multi-colored, heavy woven fabric. 10. two fabric bags with connecting handle, white background, multi-colored stripes 11. Indian woman's shawl, red with green, black, white and yellow, from La Paz, Bolivia. $20 12. a-d Four handmade caps worn by Indian men under a stiff black broad brimmed hat in the Andes, Peru, Bolivia. One cap red and white one apricot color with red, one red with multi-colored design, an done tan and brown. $20 13. metal belt 14. a-b Two seed and coral necklaces 15. a-b Two necklaces of glass beads and coins or tokens. $10 16. Wooden beads $5 17. Small watercolor of Palm Springs 18. Four colored prints of American Clipper ships. (deacc.) 19. Photo of 1959 Graduating Class of Vanderbilt University School of Medicine (Sterling Pierce). (deacc.) 20. Photo of Laguna Blanca School students, May 1949 21. Booklet - Viva Santa Barbara, by John R. Southworth 22 a-b Two tapestry runners 23. Brown and cream colored woven fabric bag containing wool, probably a knitting bag 24. Fairly large piece of heavy gold or brown fabric 25. piece of white net fabric, red, orange and dark green design. Could be used as table cover 26. piece of fine white fabric with woven or embroidered design. Could be used as table cover. $10 27. Navy blue, woven fabric with overall white embroidered design except for square in center. $25 28. Woven fabric, white background, red border and red, black, orange, blue, and green embroidered design. $25 29. Table cover, white background, red and black stipes at both ends and in the middle. $10 30. Table cover, white background, black and red design. $10 31. table cover, red and white, embroidered design of blue, white, yellow and green. $10 32. Multi-colored heavy fabric table runner with hand tied fringe. $10 33. a-b Two matching woven rug runners, grey, orange, red, green, pink and black stipes. $25 34. Heavy, woven cover- green, red and white design (could be Indian). $25 35. Cotton coverlet, beige background, paisley-like border; tree, bird, and flower design. Colors: green, rust, black and green. $20 36. Coverlet, blue and white, hand spun and woven by Isobel Anderson Coiner in Virginia. $25 37. Blue and white coverlet similar to No. 36 $25 38. Large coverlet, blue, white and pink (Mrs. Alfred M. Pierce's calling card sewn on this) $25 39. Rust colored coverlet, embroidered floral design of orange, white, green and purple with metallic or isinglass medallions in center design. $15 40. Heavy, white coverlet with blue border and blue design. $20 41. Small coverlet, brown with rust, green, pink and yellow. $10 42. Lady's, black evening bag, bugle beads, gold frame. Calling cards of Mrs. Alfred M. Pierce inside. $10 43. Lady's tapestry bag with gold frame. $10 44. Small whisk broom with carved wooden handle 45. Genealogical books and papers which had belonged to Mrs. Frank McCullough, including a Certificate of Merit awarded Mrs. McCullough by the Council of the American Institute of Genealogy