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Chinese history publications

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Identifier: 2022-162

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Six (6) electronic files of Chinese and Channel Island history publications, primarily authored by Linda Bentz including: 1) Bentz, Linda and Todd J Braje. 2016. “Sea of Prosperity: Foundations of the California Commercial Abalone Fishery” Day:28. SpringerLink (Online service). 2) Bentz, Linda and Todd J Braje. 2018. “Chinese Abalone Merchants and Fishermen in Nineteenth-Century Santa Barbara California (十九世纪加州圣芭芭拉的华裔鲍鱼商人和渔民).” Journal of Chinese Overseas 88–113. 3) Buxton, Michael. 2004. "William Gerald, The Channel Island Pirate: A Smuggler of the Islands." Mains'l Haul: A Journal of Pacific Maritime History, Winter, 18-29. 4) Bentz, Linda. 2016. "The Case of the Channel Pirates." Unpublished research. 5) Bentz, Linda. 2015. "Chinese Shrine: Santa Barbara Historical Museum." Unpublished research. 6) Bentz, Linda. 2022. "Sing Chung vs H. H. More: November 1879 to March 1880".

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  • Publication: 2004 - 2022



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