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Booth (Robert K.) Photograph Collection

 Unprocessed Material
Identifier: 1966-090

Content Description

Thirty-five (35) photographs of Santa Barbara County and Spanish-American War and a variety of thirty (30) other items made up of a book, periodicals, pamphlets, certificates, book, and medal pin.

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Gift of Mr. Robert K. Booth

Restrictions Apply



  • 1891 - 1938


35 Photographic Prints


1. Black and white photo- grand ball & reception BPOE, 1902 2. Black and white photo of members of S.B. Naval Reserve, Mustered July 10, 1897 3. Photo of troops marching on the arrival of President McKinley to Santa Barbara in 1901 4. Photo of several men (unidentified) displaying booty from goat hunt, Avalon, Calif. Matted with glass 5. Duplicate of above - without glass 6. Black and white photo of Santa Barbara float in parade in Venice in Venice, Calif. 1906- Elks sponsored float 7. Photo of 1902 Los Angeles Fiesta Floral parade, S.B., Elks Lodge 8. Black and white photo of H.C. Booth, October 1925, 9 ¼ x 11 ¼ framed in glass 9. Photo of soldiers at rifle practice 10. Photo of two children sitting on a rock in a corral 11. Photo of Chock Rock Camp near Santa Inez River, June 27, 1891: Booth, Mc Connell, Mears, Maer 12. Photo of Easter exhibit of Class of '90, S.B. 13. Photo of Will Mears, Geo. Gourley, Frank Selover 14. Photo of wrestling scene from "As you Like it," April 1896, Floral Festival, H.C. Booth is Charles the wrestler 15. Mr. and Mrs. Burgan, Dec. 25, 1899, photo 16. Photo of USN Band 17. Composite photo of S.B. and people 18. Photo of the Plaza del Mar, showing Potter Hotel. 19. Photo of the Potter Hotel from boulevard entrance 20. Photo of execution of Filipino leaders by Spanish Troops. (post-execution) 21. Photo of members of BPOE, 1901, S.B. 22. Photo, line of troops, 1890 23. Photo of BPOE members, S.B., circa 1902 24. Photo of BPOE members, S.B.,1902 25. Photo of execution of Filipino leaders by Spanish troops (before execution) 26. Photo of execution of a Filipino by the Gonotte 27. Photo of a group of Philippine aborigines 28. Photo of army group including H. Booth 29. Photo of delegates returning from Lompoc, Republican County Convention, Gaviota, 9/11/'94 30. Photo of 3 naval officers aboard ship 1899 31. Photo of a man during rifle practice 32. Photo of group of naval personnel 33. Photo of a stage production 34. Photo of BPOE members, S.B., circa 1902 35. Pamphlet: Souvenir of the 7th Regiment." 36. Title deed, Lot 2 of block159, S.B., April 18, 1911 37. Newspaper article " H. Booth resigns S.P. Legal Post." 38. List of charter members of BPOE, Santa Barbara 39. Letterhead of Republican County Central Committee 40. Newspaper article about H. Booth visiting Santa Barbara, 1938 41. Newspaper article "Granular Glee A New Comic Opera." 42. Newspaper, Jan 12, 1913, The Morning Press 43. Article written by H.C. Booth, "Deep Sea Fishing of Santa Barbara." 44. Souvenir of Ladies Night at Elk Hall, 1901 45. Official Roster of the 7th Calif. U. S. Volunteer Infantry, mustered in at Presidio, May 9, 1893, December 2, 1898 46. L.A. No. 1728 Supreme Court of California 47. L.A. No. 2215 Supreme Court of California 48. L.A. No. 2215 Supreme Court of California 49. L.A. No. 1196 Supreme Court of California 50. L.A. No. 2070 Supreme Court of California 51. Emily A. Humphrey vs Buena Vista Water Co., H.C. Booth attorney for appellant, 1905, Santa Barbara 52. Document - appointment of H.C. Booth to the Board of Trustees of the State Normal School, Los Angeles 53. Diploma for grammar school graduation in Santa Barbara of H.C. Booth 54. Certificate of Henley C. Booth from U.S., Calif. Naval Battalion of the National Guard, 1899 55. Certificate issued to H.C. Booth for participation in the Spanish- American War 56. 1897 certificate to H.C. Booth, appointing his mater at Arms, 1st class of the 6th Division Naval Militia 57. Honorable discharge from National Guard of Calif., 1897 issued to H.C. Booth 58. 1898 appointment certificate of H.C. Booth as Corporal 59. Report card for Henley Booth from Santa Barbara public schools, 1889 60. Letter - 1945 from T.M. Storke to H.C. Booth, regarding an old photo of Booth, 61. Speech given in Santa Maria by H.C. Booth, May 1, 1902 62. High School Diploma of H.C. Booth, 1890, Santa Barbara 63. Book: Charter and Ordinances, City of Santa Barbara, Nos. 1-545, H.C. Booth 64. Photography of 1896 will of Adolfo Camarillo, granting equal distribution of property to his sons and daughters (in Spanish) 65. BPOE Lodge 613, Santa Barbara, medal pin. (4.66.90-65)