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Santa Barbara County and City maps

 Unprocessed Material
Identifier: 1966-210

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Forty-five (45) maps, some with multiple sheets, of the City and County of Santa Barbara

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Gift of City of Santa Barbara Public Works Dept.

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  • 1852 - 1888



45 Maps


1. Map of Santa Barbara Pueblo Lands - 5 sheets 2. Map of Santa Barbara and surrounding areas 3. Photographic copy of map of Santa Barbara Channel-from Santa Barbara to Pelican Point. 1870 4. W. H. Norway map of Santa Barbara Pueblo Lands- very old 5. Map of Goleta Grant w/properties in and about it 6. Map of Santa Barbara 7, Map of Pueblo Lands of Santa Barbara 8. Profile of the proposed extension of the State St., sewer, 1888 9. W. H. Norway map of La Goleta and Dos Pueblos, 1870 10. Map of La Canada de Tajiguas, surveyed by James L. Parker, June 1870 11. Map of Santa Rosa and Rincanada topography 12. Photostatic negative- geodetic map of Santa Barbara, 1852 13. Plat of the Pueblo Lands of Santa Barbara-1867-Photostatic copy 14. Map of Goleta and environs 15. Map of Carpinteria 16. Map of City of Santa Barbara and surroundings- showing owners of land grants and the original locators upon public lands. A.S. Cooper, Surveyor 17. Map (blueprint) of the port of Santa Barbara, 1852 18. Map of Carpinteria and land holders- copy. 19. Map of Santa Barbara * Vicinity, 1870 20. County Map material (22 pieces) 21. Map (old) of Santa Barbara environs 22. Map of State St, sewer- profile map 23. Map of Pueblo Lands of Santa Barbara, 1867- 2 sheets 24. Subdivision of Land of John C. Kays (around area of Santa Barbara and Anapamu Sts.) 25. Plan and profile of proposed sewer in State St.- 1882. 26. 1871 plat of the town of Santa Barbara 27. County map material- for new map by Cooper - 13 sheets 28. 1853 map of Santa Barbara- 2 sheets 29. Map of the Ortega and adjacent lands 30. Map of the Rancho San Julian 31. Map of Goleta environs. (showing land subdivisions) 32. Map of Carpinteria and vicinity 33. Map of Husano Rancho - topographical 34. Plat of Montecito environs 35. Plat of lands or properties near Santa Barbara 36. Map of Santa Barbara- w/proposed layout of streets 37. Map of Santa Barbara-Spanish settlement with proposed street layout 38. Map of Santa Barbara and environs - block and plat map 39. Old map of Santa Barbara County from Cuyama to the coast 40. Map of Montecito environs - 3 sections 41. Map of retracing of road from Goleta to Gaviota - A.C. Cooper, Surveyor 42. Old map of Carpinteria showing Pueblo Lands 43. Map of Santa Barbara County showing town of Guadalupe and lands south of Santa Maria River 44, Plat and block map of Santa Barbara environs. 45. Unfinished Santa Barbara County map with plat of Montecito