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Jower (Bob) Photoengraving Plate Collection

 Unprocessed Material — Box: 1984-028
Identifier: 1984-028

Content Description

One hundred ten (110) metal press plates, photoengraving plates, or halftone engravings, on copper or most likely zinc, mounted on wood blocks. The engravings contain images spanning 90 years of Santa Barbara history. Each plate has two or more unrelated images, therefore this collection contains at least 220 images.

Acquisition Type



Gift of Mr. Bob Jower

Restrictions Apply



  • 1873 - 1963


110 Item(s) (in two (2) record storage boxes)


1. Pioneer Hotel at Montecito Hot Springs. Navy Disaster Point Honda, ships on rocks. 2. S.B. Armistice Parade, 1919. Anacapa-Anapamu St., facing Arlington Hotel. 3. Montecito Transfer Co. S.B. Morris Hotel. 4. S.B. Casa Loma Airport- Bi-Planes. Santa Cruz Island - Boats docked. 5. Lockheed Airplane- Bi-Planes, S.B. S.B. Circus Parade- elephants marching up State St. 6. Sail Boat on water, the Mesa in background with oil derricks. State Street and De la Guerra, Western Auto and Kress Stores. 7. Flooded S.B. Airport with Bi-Plane, Sea Plane. Oak Park Tea House. 8. S.B. Harbor, 1963. Joseph Sexton Home. 9. Cold Springs Tavern. Bi-Plane and Baptist Church. 10. Islay and Chapala, 1912. S.B. Country Club 19 (?) 11. S.B. Police Dept., 1927. S.B. Harbor, 1883, from the Mesa. 12. S.B. 1874 Panorama. East Beach High Tide, date unknown. 13. West Beach, S.B. The Cook Mansion - Downtown Panorama. 14. Bath House and Crowds. Beach Area about 1890 from the Mesa. 15. Press Room, 1920- News-Press. Enterprise Cash Laundry Cart. 16. Donkey Cart, De La Guerra Area. Stearns Wharf with Steamship. 17. Loughead Aircraft Co. Bi-Plane and Flying A. Studio Scene. Gutierrez Drug Store, 1925. 18.News-Press Building, 1924. Fiesta Parade- Horse and Wagons. 19. Bathhouse with Pier. City Hall Building. 20. S.B. Mission with Fence. The Dibblee Estate which was on the site of the present S. B. City College. 21. Chapala Street Stables. The Mesa from the Air. 22. Garage Scene- Goodyear. Beach Scene- Beach unknown. 23. Flying A. Studio Grounds. S.B. Carrillo Adobe. 24. Painted Cave Orchard. Aerial- James Douglas Estate. 25. 1891 Fiesta Parade Arch. Riviera Panorama Shot. S.B. 26. La Cumbre Golf & Country Club. 738 Anacapa St., S.B. 27. The Wilson Home. The Arlington Jockey Club, 1889. 28. Rose Bowl Team, 1902- Not a S.B. Team. Fire Dept. Horse Drawn Water Pumper. 29. Group Shot Aboard Old Auto, S.B. Flying "A" Movie Scene. 30. Movie Scene, Flying "A" Studios. Fiesta Float, 1947, Galleon Santa Maria. 31. Old .B. Meat Market Interior. Old Methodist Church. 32. Lobero Opera House Interior. S.B. Art Museum. 33. Burton Mound. Rincon Causeway. 34. Castle Rock. First Arlington Hotel and Stage Coach. 35. First Arlington Hotel and Annex. Lobero Opera House. 36. The Heath Mansion. The C.C. Hunt Home at State & Anapamu St. 37. S.B. Arlington Theater Interior. S.B. Balloon Ascension, 1891. 38. Summerland. Casa Loma (?). 39. Banka Popolare Fugaz, State at Cota. S.B. City Dump. 40. S.B. Barbershop, 1895. Southern California Football Champs, 1898. 41. Bathhouse Interior Pool. S.B. Quake- Shots of Buildings. 42. Early State Street Parade, Marching Soldiers. San Marcos Building. 43. The Pierce Tunnel. Picnic Oak. 44. Clinton Hale House. Calkins Castle. 45. Ortega Hill. Fiesta Parade Float. 46. Laguna Park, 1940. County Bank. 47. De La Guerra Plaza Building. Sheriff's Cadillac, 1915, S.B. 48. De La Guerra Plaza- Earthquake Scene. County Bank Building. 49. De La Guerra Plaza, date unknown. Fire Dept. Water Pumper Wagon. 50. S.B. Police, Date unknown. Building decorated for Fiesta. 51. A. & T. Goux Building. Inside Pool House; Actresses on side of pool- Flying A. Studio. 52. S.B. from the Air, 1959 Castle Rock and Beach. 53. Fiesta Parade, date unknown. Arlington Hotel, original. 54. Arlington Theater Inside. Blimp Over S.B. 55. Laguna Blanca Lake Area from Air. S.B. From Air. 1959 56. Hollister & Fairview, 1920. Pershing Park Horse Show. 57. Arrival of First Train in S.B. S.B. from the Air, 1940. 58. Hazard's Cyclery, Chapala and Canon Perdido, 1939. Original Arlington Hotel, S.B. 59. First Arlington Hotel and Stage Coach. Originally the Lincoln Hotel- Now the Upham Hotel. 60. McNall's Building Material Co., S.B. Kelly's Corner, S.B., State and La Cumbre. 61. Arlington Hotel and Flower Float. S.B. Buildings and Landscape. 62. Flower Parade Float- Horse and Wagon. Childs' Estate, 1899. 63. California Theater. Horse and Wagon Float. 64. S.B. Fiesta Arch. New Press Tower Const. 65. Horse and Wagon Flower Parade. Racing Pavilion. 66. Flower Festival, 1891, Horse Float. S.B. Band, City 67. Flower Festival, S.B., Horse and Wagon. Flying "A" Studio Scene, S.B., on State St. in front of Trenwith's. 68. County Courthouse, 1873. First Arlington Hotel. 69. Racing Pavilion, S.B. Water Pumper, S.B. Fire Dept. 70. Store Front, S.B., S.B. Line Drawing and Map. 71. T.M. Storke and Group. Bathhouse and Lawn. 72. Arrival of Train, S.B. Mission Fountain and Riviera. 73. J.J. McCaffrey & Sons Bar, 1899. Knights of Columbus Hall, S.B. 74. Donkey Cart and Kids, S.B. Brick Cottage, S.B. 1896, Santa Barbara St. & Canon Perdido St. 75. Presbyterian Church, S.B. ( State St.). One of the first fifth wheel vehicles- The Land Yacht. 75-A. The Dibblee House, 1880. The Kinevan House. 76. Original City Hall, S.B. Firemen's Training Tower, S.B. 77. High Wheel Bicycle Rider, S.B. Miramar Garage, S.B. 78. Second Arlington Hotel and Gardens. Hayward's Carpet Cleaning. 79. The Potter Hotel, S.B. Original Post Office, S.B., State and Anapamu. 80. American Bakery Wagon. Goleta Beach Camp Ground. 81. West Beach, S.B. The Central Hotel Bldg.- now the Balboa Building. 82. Santa Barbara Cottage Hospital, 1880. Ledbetter Beach, 1919. 83. Lathim's Motor Transfer Co. Cottage Hospital, 1901. 84. Billings Land Yacht, S.B. Pure Olive Oil Candy. 85. George Washington Fire Co., S.B. (no date). Cottage Hospital, S.B. (no date.) 86. Flying "A" Studios, S.B. George Washington Fire Co. 1882. 87. Cabrillo Boulevard, S.B. Santa Barbara, 1880. 88. Santa Barbara Panorama, 1822 County Court House, S.B. 89. Potter Hotel, S.B. Potter Hotel, S.B. 90. Potter Hotel, S.B. Bath house at Plaza del Mar. 91. S.B. West Beach, circa 1875. S.B. Panorama Scene. (no date). 92. East Beach- 1918. Hancock Field. 93. The Crocker Row Houses, S.B. Mountain Drive, 1911. 94. Potter Hotel, S.B. S.B. Fire Dept., Pumper Truck. 95. Potter Hotel Entry Walk Facing Boulevard. Potter Hotel Walk Facing the Hotel. 96. Dibblee Hill and House. Lobero Opera House, S.B. 97. Bean Harvesting, San Roque, S.B. Santa Barbara Panorama. 98. Ott's Hardware, S.B. Mansion, S.B. 99. Thomas B. Dibblee Home, 1883. County Court House, S.B. 100. The Canfield Mansion, S.B. Earthquake Damage, S.B. 101. Original Arlington Hotel Built in Late 1870's. Flower Festival Parade Arch. 102. S.B. Mission Reconstruction. American La France Fire Truck Acquired by S.B., 1916. 103. Hollister and Farirview, Goleta, 1950. Laguna Baseball Park, S.B. 104. News-Press Front Office, 1952. State Street, Fiesta Parade. 105. New Press Business Office (date unknown). S.B. Boy Scout Band. 106. S.B. Panorama, 1888. Second Arlington Hotel (aerial). 107. West Beach Bath House. Mission and Gardens. 108. Hoff Hospital Heights from the Air. Fiesta Parade, 1920. 109. Goleta Valley, 1956. S.B. History, American Film Mfg. Co. 4/11/71. S.B. History- S.P. Railroad Station- Victorian Station, 1817. S.B. History- Great White Fleet. Castle Rock, 1929. Castle Rock, Santa Barbara's First Fire Truck. Castle Rock. Pioneer Well. Biking. Oil Drilling. Eagle Canyon - Ellwood. 110. Two Plates Unknown.