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Alexander (Harold) Collection

 Unprocessed Material
Identifier: 1993-106

Content Description

Eighty-four (84) pieces of material primarily concerning relocation of Japanese-Americans during World War II, plus a couple of photographs.

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Gift of Mrs. Harold Alexander

Restrictions Apply



  • 1943 - 1945


2 Photographic Prints


1. One framed photograph of Michel Loutfallah. (Note: Photo to be de-framed for conservation) 2. One 13x11 B/W photograph of Harold Alexander 3. Pamphlet "A Voice That Must be Heard." 4. Letter, D.S. Myer to Hon. Martin Dies, 6/2/1943 5. Flyleaf, "Statements Regarding Rumors of Sabotage in Hawaii." 6. Flyleaf, "Extracts from Address by Hon. Joseph C. Grew…" 7. Article, "Democracy is For the Unafraid" by Chester B. Hines. 8. Pamphlet, "Relocation of Japanese-Americans 9. Flyleaf. "Segregation of Evacuees." 10. Statement, "Constitutional Principles Involved in the Relocation Program." 11. Flyleaf, Portion of address by Attorney General Francis Biddle…" 12. Flyleaf, "Pertinent Facts About Relocation Centers and Japanese-Americans." 13. Flyleaf. "Secretary of War Stimson on Deporting Japanese-Americans." 14. Flyleaf. "Secretary of War Stimson Announces Formation of a Combat Team…" 15. Flyleaf, A Statement of Guiding Principles of War Relocation Authority." 16. Flyleaf, "Policies of the War Relocation Authority Governing Indefinite Leave." 17. Flyleaf, "Executive Order 9102" 18. Flyleaf, "Reactions of Americans of Japanese Ancestry to Atrocity Stories." 19. Flyleaf, "Excerpts from Address by the Hon. Joseph C. Grew…" 20. Pamphlet, "Freedom in Wartime." 21. Flyleaf, "Coming Home." 22. Pamphlet, "The First Year: Story of the Red Cross in Poston." 23. Flyleaf, "The Bill of Rights." 24. Flyleaf, "70,000 American Refugees," 25. Postcard, 'Citizens Committee for Resettlement." 26. Brochure, "For Interracial Tolerance." 27. Bulletin, of America's Town Meeting of the Air. 7/15/1943. 28. Pamphlet, "The Displaced Japanese-Americans." 29. Letter, R.B. Cozzens to Harold Alexander, 12/26/1944 30. Flyleaf, "Japanese Loyal to U.S.A." 31. Flyleaf, "War Department Views on Japenese Returning to Pacific Coast." 32. Letter, "From a Nisei Soldier to His Father." 33. Release, "May 7 and Thereafter." 34. Reprint, "Hawaii Soldiers Died Fighting as Loyal Americans…" 35. Pamphlet, "These Are Our Parents." 36. Senate Document, "Segregation of Loyal and disloyal Japanese..." 37. Reprint, "Making Democracy Work." 38. Reprint, "Yank, The Army Weekly." 8/24/1944. 39. Pamphlet, "What We're Fighting For." 40. Flyer, " What More Conclusive Test of Patriotism is There." 41. Reprint, " G.I. Japyank" 42. Flyer, A Sequoia High School Student Speaks." 43. Flyleaf, "Japanese-Americans in various Branches of the Service." 44. Flyleaf, "D.S.C. Awarded to Two Gallant Nisei Fighters in Italy." 45. Reprint, "C.B.I. Roundup." 46. Reprint, "Nisei Officer Killed in Italy" 47. Resolution No. 2 9/6/1944 48. Release, "100th Battalion Has Fought on Virtually All Fronts in Italy." 49. Pamphlet, "Emergency Service Committee." 50. Release, Accomplishments of the Y.M.C.A…" 51. Flyleaf, "An Address by Sergeant Ben Kuroki…" 52. War Dept. Releases Text of Presidential Citation to 100th Infantry Battalion. 53. Pamphlet, "Nisei in Uniform." 54. Flyer, "Address by Robert B. Cozzens…" 55. Flyer, "Minn. Editor Writes About Experience with Nisei." 56. Pamphlet, "Nisei in Uniform." 57. Booklet, "The Second Year." 58. Booklet, "Red Cross Rohwer Relocation Center Unit 1945." 59. Book, "Born Free and Equal." 60. Harper's Magazine, Sept. 1945. 61. "The United States News," 9/1/1945 62. Letter, Jacob L. Devers to Wm. C. Carr., 4/30/1945 63. Brochure, "The Third Evacuation?" 64-65. Two b/w photos pinning of Dist. Service Cross on Mrs., Matsu Madokoro 66. B/w photo of presentation of Silver Star to Mr./Mrs. Uhachi Sakamoto 67. Argus Magazine, Jan.1986 68-69. Two letters to and from Harold Alexander and Jerome Bettman, 1986 70-78. Nine letters from Harold Alexander re. Japanese-American relocation/rights 79. Letters, J.H. O'Connor to L.A. Co. Board of Supervisors, 4/9/1945 80. Letter, Edith Smith of Life Magazine to Harold Alexander, 1/5/1945 81. Letter, Jacob L. Devers to Wm. C. Carr, 4/30/1945 82. Letter, W.T. Harrison to Waldemar J.A. Wickman. 7/2/1945 83. Letter, W.H. Kiger to Harold Alexander, 6/16/1945. 84. Flyer, "California State Law on Rights of Citizens."