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Santa Barbara Movie Theater History and Photographs

 Unprocessed Material
Identifier: 1995-084

Content Description

One box of several hundred photographs and written material on the history of movie theaters in Santa Barbara and Goleta

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Gift of Gene Marchu

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  • 1983


Metro 4 (Mission County Envelope) - 5 negative strips. 36 4x6" glossy photos. Metro 4 (Box) - 6 color photos "opening." 6 b/w; theatre façade daytime. 8 b/w; theatre façade night. 1 4x6" color; theatre façade night. 3 b/w; theatre façade daytime, and 1 negative strip. 15 4x6" color & 2 negative strips (opening and crew training). 20 b/w, exterior marquee installation, interiors, & 6 negative strips. 19 4x6"color photos, interior and exterior during construction. 21 4x6" color, interior and exterior construction, many duplicates of above. 1 Xerox copy News-Press, 10-2-1987 article on theatre demolition. Arlington Box- 4 color night photos of State Street and Arlington Theatre. 2 negative strips-loose. 7 Color photos of organ & 3 negative strips. Loose Photos: 20 Arlington exterior and interiors, 2 night rooftops of Public Library & Court House. 1 negative strip. 2 negative strips, 1 night photo of State Street with Arlington. Granada Box- 7 color photos of stage curtain, 4 Arlington (State Street at night), 8 negative strips. 6 color stage mural and curtain, "Granada from Alhambra Hills" and 2 negative strips. 7 color prints of furniture and 4 negative strips. 17 color prints of furniture, 2 color prints snack bar, 6 negative strips. 22 color prints, ceiling supports, some with workmen, 6 negative strips. 4 color prints, 1 of mural, 3 blurred furniture legs. Granada Box Contained: - 1 negative strip of mural and seats. 2 loose color glossy prints of "1925 Earthquake" Exhibit. 7 stage with various curtains, 2 negative strips. 10 color prints of stage with various curtains. Envelope-Book Pictures- 1 3 Page Xerox "75 Charles M Urton: His Landmark endured." W.A. Tompkins "History Makers." 5 Xeroxed images of Granada 5 8x10" b/w of Interior and exteriors. Envelope-Trivia Questions - 8x10" envelope with items as indicated. Book - Stanley McCandlees. "A Method of Lighting the Stage." New York: Theatre Arts Books, 1958. Book - Harold E. Reeves. "The Lobero Theatre Chronicles 1924-1984." SB: Bagaduce Press, 1990. Autographed.. Granada Box-Postcards - 1 Large b/w of State Street. 1 Large b/w "Jolly Good Show." Postcards: 16 film festival 2 Solstice 2 Arlington 1 Other 5 Business Cards. Old Photo-Mural-Unusual Box - 8 8x10" b/w Granada 4 b/w -2 Granada & 2 Ushers. 7 4x6" color glossy prints of Granada curtain various panels. 4 4x6" color glossy prints, displays for Kevin Costner film, "Robin Hood." And 2 negative strips. 3 Copies "Granada City of Dreams." 1 Envelope with 2 receipts for photo processing. 1 Negative strip in cardboard covering. 1 b/w print, Granada with street cars on State Street, 1 negative strip. 5 b/w prints, 1st Nat'l. Bank, 6-39-25, Earthquake images with Granada in background. 8 4x6" glossy, Granada stage, 1 with film strip. 2 Night color, Granada marquee. 2 b/w, Arlington exteriors. 1 b/w, Granada façade. 4 negative strips. 20 b/w, Granada. 5 negative strips, Granada vintage photos. 25 b/w images, old time '24, Granada. 5 color prints, projection booth, 2 negative strips. Envelope-"Caine Mutiny." - 1 Original, 4 Xeroxes "People Section News-Press article about Herman Wouk. 4 Photostatic copies of news stories 7 Xerox of above. 10 Xerox of program. 2 Photo copy ready for printing program. Manila Folder #1 - Letterhead stationery and envelope for Granada. 7 Sheets about "Brenograph Glass Slides," and 3 pages "sneak previews." FAX - 2 Xerox copies signed "Woody Allen." News clippings - 2 Independent, 10-1-1992 article on Granada. Xerox - 1 signed, Mark Hendrix, Granada Mgr., 1937-39. 2 Handwritten pages trivia questions and information. 1 Stella Rouse, "Way it Was-movie Well-received in 1913." 4 Yellow 8 ½ x 11" information sheets about Granada. Envelope-Manual Lettering - Hand lettered pages of words, in English Block letters. "Old English." Envelope-"My Dream Is Yours" Preview 4-15-1941 1 Negative strip. 5 b/w prints night Images of marquee with "My dream…" 23 Xerox pages of press coverage. Manila Folder #2 - 1 Original article. Rouse, 11-30-1985, mounted. 1 Xerox, Rouse article, 4-14-1974 on Granada opening, 1924. 1 Xerox, Arlington article 6-16-1989. 1 Xerox, "Oscar Holzhausen" projectionist, 10-7-1985, News-Press. Also color Xerox. 1 Folder with Arlington Center of Performing Arts. (Pocket folder) 1 b/w image, night marquee of "My Dream…" 1 b/w State Street. With street car and Granada in background. 1 b/w, marquee. 1 Xerox, Granada façade. 1 Xerox, on tan paper, Granada. 4 Xerox of theatre ads. Envelope-1924 Opening - Xeroxed copies of opening information. Metropolitan Theatres' Gift Certificate, copy, letter dates 8-8-1991. Envelope-1987 Mission Theatre Floor Plan 3 Xerox pages Envelope-Earthquake - Numerous Xeroxed copies of photos and articles. Envelope-WTW Table Display - Assorted Xeroxes. Envelope-Arlington - 2 Copies special edition of "Arlington Opening" put out by News-Press. 2 Special Openings. Numerous xerox and newspaper clippings on organ. Envelope-SBIFF (Film Festival) - Newspaper articles, etc., dealing with Film Festival. Mission Theatre Box - 4 copies News-Press "Scene" 1 Copy Preservation Planning Associates' report. 4 negative strips. 4 Color prints, night time, marquee and 1 negative strip. 4 Mission Theatre interior photos, and 4 negative strips. 2 Slides (transparencies) 1 Mission Theatre marquee, daytime, a negative of same. 7 b/w of above images. Copy - "Nostalgia" July 1990. Envelope-Old Newspaper Ads. - Variety of Xeroxed copies, also found in other envelopes. Envelope-Giant Photo Service - b/w images of curtain. Envelope-Ilford - Enlargements of Granada Interior. 1 Lobero Lobero Paper - Xerox Copies of News-Press articles about Lobero Theatre. Manila Folder #3 - Assorted Xerox copies, and 1 photo of Granada theatre mural. Envelope - "Gone with the Wind" - Articles, correspondence all related to screening of "Gone with the Wind." Gypsy Folder - Material relate to Civil Light Opera production of "Gypsy." Envelope-Granada Building - 2 8x10" color aerial photographs. Envelope-"Brenograph" Glass - Glass plate and materials related to usage of Brenograph, see: Manila Folder #1. Manila Folder #4 - Xerox. D.W. Griffith. "America." Folder #5 Nato History Book Folder - Xeroxed Granada theatre items. Envelope-Terry - Correspondence with Terry Helgeson. Envelope (white) Lobero - 5 Color photos of stage, 1 negative strip. 4 color photos, Lobero interior, 1 Granada, 3 negative strips. 1 negative strip. 8 color photos of "drop curtains" and stage, 4 negative strips. 2 negative strips. Envelope - 1924 Opening - 2 11x14" b/w photos, Granada exterior façade. Envelope-Granada Research Information Receipts, phone numbers of various persons, research notes. Handwritten. Envelope-Granada Floor Plans Envelope- 1924 Holding Company - Copy letter of Sales Contract, 4 front and 4 back Xeroxed copies of stock certificates. Envelope-Airport Drive-in - 1 "first Run" future, LA Times, 10 June 1979, focus on films magazine section. 2 negative strips. 4 4x4" color photos 2 Negative strips. 1 Negative Strip. 2 Negative Strips. 1 Oct. 28, 1993, Independent, P. 47, "Drive-In Movies are only Ghosts." Xerox copies numerous articles on Airport Drive-in. Envelope-other information 1931 Reopening - Photostatic copies of newspaper articles dated 1930, 31, 39, and 64, regarding Granada. Hanging File Folder - Xerox of Arlington Dedication 1931 Program. Blue Sheet of Paper (Folded) - Loose items: 2 negative strips 2 pages of LA Times Magazine, 12 June 1994, page 34 & 35, photo of Old Time Theatre interiors. 1 page, no citation "Digs" excavation of "Ten Commandments" sets at Guadalupe Dunes. 1 "Amazing Pipes," Independent 5-7-1987, p.8 3 Ads for films (flyers) on 8x10 paper. 1 Ad from "Scene" SB News-Press, p. 7, "Tribute to Rudy Keeler." 1 Folded b/w copy of a pen and ink drawing of the Arlington Center, 1976. Note: Negative strips are in photo processing company envelopes.