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Sansum Clinic Collection

 Unprocessed Material — Box: 187
Identifier: 1997-008

Content Description

A collection of thirty (30) books, pamphlets, brochures, folders, clippings, and a photograph related to the Sansum Clinic.

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Gift of Sansum Medical Foundation Clinic

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.4 Linear Feet (Doc Box 187)

1 Folder(s) (Name File: Sansum, William David)


1. Book, "Diabetes Mellitus" by William David Sansum, MD 2. Book, "The Normal Diet and Healthful Living" by Sansum, Hare, Bowden 3. Pamphlet, "The Sansum Medical Research Foundation" 4. Pamphlet, "Overnutrition and Diabetic Coma" by Alfred E. Koehler and E. Hill 5. Pamphlet, "Diabetes Mellitus: Some Newer Factors in Treatment" by W.D Sansum 6. Pamphlet, "The Sources of Error in Organo- Therapy" by W.D Sansum and N.R. Blatherwick 7. Pamphlet, "The Favorable Influence of Adequate Carbohydrates Diets on the Blood Pressure of Diabetic Patients" by W.D Sansum. 8. Pamphlet, "Hyperinsulinism Dye to Adenoma of the Islets Langerhans, by Hildahl Burtness, Alfred E. Koehler, and James H. Saint. 9. Pamphlet, "The Experimental Production of Hypertension" by Franklin R. Nuzum, Margret Osborne and W. D Sansum 10. Pamphlet, "The Present Treatments of Diabetes Mellitus" by W.D Sansum 11. Pamphlet, "An Unusual Effects of Carbohydrates - Rich Fat poor Diabetic Diet. Report case" by P.A Gray and W.D. Sansum 12. Brochure, "Ground Breaking, Nov. 9,1984" 13-15. Three (3) issues of Magazine "Quest" Summer 1978, Winter 1984, Winter 1986 16. Pamphlet, "Studies on Insulin" (reprint) by N.R Blatherwick, Fritz Bishoff, L.C. Maxwell, John Berger, and Melville Sahyun. 17. Pamphlet, "The Treatment of Diabetes with Insulin" (reprint) by W.D. Sansum, N.R. Blacherwick, Florence H. Smith, Louisa Long, L.C. Maxwell, Elsie Hill, Ray McCarty, J.H. Cryst 18. Pamphlet, "The Treatment of Constipation" by W.D. Sansum 19. 8" x 10" b/w photograph of W. D. Sansum 20. Pamphlet, "Research Newsletter" from the Sansum Clinic Research Foundation, n.d. 21. Pamphlet, "Report of the Memorial Laboratory and Clinic" n.d. 22. Pamphlet, "The Use of High Carbohydrate Diet in the Treatment of Diabetes Mellitus" (reprint) by W. D. Sansum, N. R. Blatherwick, and Ruth Bowden. 23. Brochure, "Sansum Medical Research Foundation Dedication Celebration" 9/26/1986. 24-26. Three (3) folders containing medical records of Charles Cowan, Dr. Sansum's first diabetes patient in Santa Barbara 27-30. Four (4) photocopies of the Santa Barbara New-Press articles re: Sansum Clinic 31a-c. a. Old Grand Dad bourbon bottle. b. with prescription by W. D. Sansum for Winsor Soule. Cap. c. Cardboard box for above.